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Kudin Most

The cultural heritage of Zadar County is rich in hidden places that enchant everyone who visits them!
Kudin Bridge is one of the treasures of this region, only an hour away from Crvena Luka, located on the Krupa River and tells the story of love:

1. Legend of the bridge Kudin most


A young man named Kude, as the old story says, made and built a bridge with drywall, travertine blocks, and pillars more than 200 years ago in order to get to the other side of the river, to his girlfriend, whom he loved.

He bridged the river that separated him from his beloved, and the bridge was named in memory of the young boy - KUDIN MOST.

 Directions sign on a tree

2. Arrival on Kudin most

Getting to the actual location of the Kuding Bridge is very easy, with a leisurely drive through local towns and villages, you will only need an hour from Crvena Luka Resort.

The parking lot can be found at the very top of the mountain above the Krupa canyon in the village of Golubić, from where you can bestow upon a magnificent view of the Krupa river.

People standing on a mountain

3. View from the top

The delight of everyone who has visited the bridge Kudin most is the view before going down the path.

Nature, the contrast of colors, and the flow of the Krupa River provide stunning scenery!

View on the river

4. Waterfalls


When you arrive at Kudin Bridge, you will be charmed by the beauty, nature, peace, and nearby waterfalls in a position far from everything, ideal for complete relaxation.
The most famous waterfall in the Krupa canyon is Deveterac, which got its name from the nine travertine cascades that end in a 13-meter-high waterfall.

Is there a better reason to visit this magical location?


5. View from the bridge


The bridge is still unknown to most tourists, although the paths are paved and passable.

Therefore, by coming to the "hidden" Kudin Most trail, the visitor will get to know the most beautiful part of Krupa, its gorgeous waterfalls and travertine cascades, and by crossing the bridge, experience the magic of a love story, while learning that the bridge is also the oldest preserved crossing over the Krupa River.

Natural waterfalls

6. Kudin Most

The bridge was built in dry stone, in the style of arches, with 12 travertine blocks, all of which have been preserved to this day. The bridge was built at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries and is a protected cultural monument and is as much as 109 meters long!

The time required to go down to the location of the bridge at a leisurely pace will take you about 30 minutes, while the climb back is somewhat more difficult 😄
We hope that you will be able to visit this unique location in the Zadar region during your vacation!

View from the top
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