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7 reasons to visit Crvena Luka with your family

Crvena Luka is a unique place of beauty – from the moment you set foot in the resort you will see the pure beauty of nature and feel it with all your senses. As soon as you get out of the car you will scent fresh sea breeze, pine forests, and the aromatic plants of the resort.

Here are our top 7 reasons to visit Crvena Luka Resort with your family:

1. Crystal clear sea and natural sandy beach


Summer wouldn’t be complete without the beach. If you are looking for a perfect sandy beach surrounded by pine trees, you are at the right place! The natural sandy beach of Crvena Luka bay was declared one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia and rewarded for the impeccable purity of the sea and environment.

Make sure to pack your sun protection essentials, because there will be plenty of sunshine waiting for you to get that perfect summer tan! 😉

2. Great private and isolated accommodation


Tired of overcrowded beaches and club hotels?
The Crvena Luka apartments & villas are the ideal choice for private and isolated holiday accommodation: they offer privacy, freedom and ample space to relax and unwind. What could be more wonderful than having your own private villa, fully equipped with a modern living room, kitchen and private bedrooms for all the family members?

The privacy and exclusivity of a private villa are priceless, and it certainly comes in handy when travelling with kids.

3. Take spectacular photos by the infinity pool


Crvena Luka´s outdoor pool spreads out in the direction towards the sea and appears to reach the distant horizon in a seemingly endless stretch of blue. It is a huge hit on the social media platform Instagram and Facebook with people posting pictures of themselves looking out over the Kornati archipelago.

If you are planning to take a picture at the pool, don't forget to bring a waterproof camera ;) 

4. Enjoy a variety of Mediterranean food


Taste of the Mediterranean with a twist! Take your family for a meal or treat your dearest to a romantic dinner at our Mamma Rosa restaurant with a spectacular sea view of the Kornati archipelago. This modernized restaurant is renowned for its selection of pasta, pizza, and other delicious specialties prepared traditionally or with modern gastronomical creativity in a relaxed atmosphere - a must-visit for all Italian food enthusiasts.

You will be amazed by our pizzas, which are baked according to a special Italian recipe with original ingredients and flour from Bologna taken with carefully selected wine or beer, you’re in for a memorable meal.

5. Have a boat trip to the Kornati Islands


Get ready for a fantastic sea adventure! Prepare yourself for one of the real gems of the region, a cruise to the Kornati National Park. Kornati Islands are one of the most indented archipelagos on the Mediterranean, a unique cluster of 150 islands, islets and cliffs spread over the central part of the Adriatic Sea. It is the bluest corner of the Adriatic.

With its exceptionally clear sea, torrents of sunshine, numerous inlets, bays and small ports, Kornati are a must-see destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons.

6. Don't forget your gym routine


In our resort you will find an outdoor fitness facility with a stunning sea view. The addition of nature and fresh air helps make exercising fun and therefore more effective. Combining outdoor exercise, natural light and sensory stimulation has a “salutogenic” effect: reducing stress and encouraging healthy behaviors.

Besides that, this place is also one of our favorite photo spots!

7. Biking and roaming at the Vrana Lake


Lake Vrana is the largest lake in Croatia and is only 4 km away from our resort. Biking and walking are great ways to explore Vrana Lake and the surrounding villages.

You can rent bikes directly in our resort with which you can see the entire lake through landscaped bike paths. Head to one of the recommended routes from the map and discover the magical world of lake flora and fauna and many old monuments, go to individual exploration to the surrounding area and its fascinating locations.

Experience imposing peace & quiet that surrounds you during your stay and while in a relaxed environment, find along a lot of exciting things to do.

Contact us at and explore Crvena Luka beauty.

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