Crvena Luka Hotel & Resort is located near the town of Biograd na Moru, 3 km south of the town centre, in a hidden sandy beach cove and surrounded by a century-old pine forest. Biograd na Moru is a town in the heart of the Adriatic coast, only 30 km away from Zadar airport.


A Mediterranean climate with an average insolation of 2 500 hours and an average annual temperature of 15 °C make ideal conditions for tourism development. Temperatures range from an average low of 6,5 °C in January to an average high of 25°C in July.

During the summer, temperatures are fairly high, but are made comfortable by the pleasant mistral breeze that blows from the sea towards the land. Winters are moderate or mild. Precipitation is greatest during the winter, while summers are mainly dry.

The bura and jugo (sirocco) winds are the most prevalent winds for the larger part of the Zadar region, while the coastal belt is refreshed with the mistral breeze.

Biograd na Moru

Biograd na Moru, a historic Croatian royal town, is a well-known tourist and nautical centre today. It is situated on a peninsula and encircled by marinas and a promenade with an unforgettable view of the Pašman Canal and the many islands that surround it.


You should not miss out on a visit to the thousand-year-old city of Zadar and all its cultural and historical features of which we would like to single out museums, churches, as well the unique symbols and markers of the city: the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun.


Šibenik, the oldest self-made city on the Adriatic, is situated in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in the picturesque and indented sea bay that the Krka River flows into – one of Croatia’s most beautiful karst rivers. A special feature of the city is St. Jacob’s Cathedral, built entirely of stone.

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