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COVID-19 information

Dear guests, we cannot wait to welcome you to our beautiful Resort and we are dedicated to keeping you, our guests, and our staff as safe as possible, so you can enjoy your stay with peace of mind.

In order to maintain the safety and health of our guests, we kindly ask you to respect recommendations along with the additional info of entry requirements in Croatia for EU and NON-EU citizens:

1. Basic protection


Please wear disposable masks in closed public areas, including public transport, grocery stores, while walking through the restaurant and our reception desk, which can help reduce the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. One mask is worn by only one person; masks should not be shared for health and safety reasons.

On the first use of the mask, please make sure you can breathe easily. If you do not possess a protective mask, do not hesitate to ask our staff for a disposable protective mask.

2. Keep distance


It is advised to keep a distance of at least 1.5 m and not to get in contact with other guests unless they are members of the same family or group. We kindly ask you to comply with the recommendations regarding the maximum number of persons allowed in certain areas. All important information regarding the hygiene procedures will be in a visible place with guidelines, at the entrances to the resort premises.

For you, our esteemed guests, to reduce waiting at our reception desk, we have set a possibility for a self-check-in which you can receive to your mail - for further information contact our reservation department at

3. Sanitize and clean


We have installed more than 50 disinfection stations around our property outdoor and indoor (reception lobby, sport & spa center, payment counters at our restaurant & bar) as well as in the employees’ work area and we recommend using them as frequently as possible.

All outlets, common areas, and facilities will be treated and disinfected on a regular basis and sunbeds and sun umbrellas, at the night hours. We kindly ask you to use one sunbed and one sun umbrella a day. In this way, we limit the possibility of using the same equipment by multiple people. In case you need a change please turn your so far used sunbed sideways and it will be disinfected shortly. Disposable materials (paper towels) will be available in all sanitary facilities as well as the cleaning products for your room or apartment if you prefer cleaning by yourself for safety reasons.

4. Safe Stay


In order to ensure your check out to be as quick as possible, we kindly ask you to pay any additional charges made during your stay (city tax, restaurant or bar invoices, or spa & wellness invoices) one day prior to your check-out. For your safety, all of our staff will wear protective gear at any moment while in contact with you or serving your table.

We have also uploaded our menus for restaurants online and you can access them through the QR code (which you can find at our restaurant, bar, and spa) at any time. All of our outlets will be disinfected daily on a regular basis.

The safety of our guests and workers is our main priority to ensure for you a pleasant and memorable stay - more info on Stay Safe in Croatia
Please note, all recommendations are according to the Croatian Institute of Public Health and will be updated accordingly.

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